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Vote for Dormancies

Below, you are provided with a list of Centres that have not exhibited signs of being active PEN Centres for a significant period and have not been responsive to the Secretariat’s efforts. Voting a PEN Centre as dormant grants a minimum one-year period in order to contact the Secretariat and be revived as an active PEN Centre with its support. The dormancy status does not affect its ability to participate in PEN processes (unless specified otherwise) and does not require lifting in the case of a successful revival. Those Centres unable to revive within the allocated time frame will be proposed for a vote on ceasing to exist at the subsequent Congress(es).

Afar Centre
Cape Verde
Central Asia
China (Chinese Centre)
China (Chinese Writers Abroad)
Hong Kong (Chinese Speaking)
Ivory Coast Centre
North Korea (in Exile)
Shanghai Centre
South India
Tatar Centre
Writers from Former Yugoslavia
Writers in Exile, American Centre