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Declaring as ceased to exist

Below, you are provided with a list of Centres that had been voted dormant in the past and were unable to be revived since (if not other in special cases) despite the attempts of the Secretariat to contact them and provide support. Voting to declare such PEN Centres as ceased to exist is a mandatory action, required by the UK General Data Protection Regulation in order to keep the data of the organisation up to date, furthermore, it allows new initiatives to establish PEN Centres and replace inactive ones.

Bahrain − dormant since 2017
Cameroon − dormant since 2013
Israel − dormant since 2013
Jamaica − dormant since 2017
Pakistan − dormant since 2014
Panama − dormant since 2017
Russia − dormant since 2022
Salta − dormant since 2017
Thailand (Thai) − dormant since 2017